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End of life vehicles are motor vehicles that fall into the category of ‘waste’ as defined by the Waste Directive.

Here at David Yarham (Salvage), we are a registered ‘Authorised Treatment Facility’(ATF) and hold a Waste Management Licence.


We are happy to offer the following services:-


• Free disposal of End of Life Vehicles including MOT failures.

• T/P accident damaged vehicles – wanted for cash


When you send a vehicle for dismantling or disposal, you will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ - (COD) You must keep your copy of this certificate to prove that the vehicle has been disposed of correctly.


A Certificate of Destruction must contain:-


Detailed information describing the vehicle

Details of the ATF

Details of the competent issuing authority


As of 2007, producers pay all or significant part of the costs of fee take-back or no or negative value vehicles to an ATF.


Rising targets for re-use, recycling and recovery must be achieved by economic operators by January, 2006 and 2015.


The legislation also contains clear recycling and re-use targets:-


• By January 1st, 2006

85% of a vehicle’s weight is to be recycled or recovered

5% of the waste can be used as fuel


• By 2015

95% of a vehicle’s weight is to be recycled or recovered

10% of the waste can be used as fuel


You will be able to take your vehicle to an ATF free of charge providing it contains the essential components of a vehicle.


Note: Vintage vehicles do not fall within the scope of these regulations.


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